HOLY INSTANT (experience of our oneness)

Our holiness is hidden right before our sight.
If we don’t invite it in, it will not reveal itself.
It respects our free will and reacts to our intentions and prayers.

Holy connection to our brothers and sisters,
to our higher self, to the Great Holy Spirit,
to the star families of all realms,
to all our guides and helpers
is right here, right now.
We will all experience it.

Our workshop consists of:
invitation to our true nature, relaxation,
contemplation, forgiving, healing,
singing, accepting our gifts,
expressing thankfulness,
prayers, being there.

To be able to consciously abide in our rightful place,
we only need to express this thorough our prayers
being able to opeheartedly accept what is.

Duration of workshop: 4 hours

Everyone is acknowledged.
Illusions dissolve.
Truth abides
in peace and love.

Great Holy Spirit, please take this workshop
to the people who can use it
for their waking up into
our common truth.

Amen. Aho. Haux Haux

Žiga Hun Caban