There is a lot of things we have allready learned in Life,
some of them we have to teach to others,
in order to accelerate the waking up process,
some of them we all need, to be able to come Home.

Descriptions are below.

We offer to share with groups: 
– Drumming workshop – study
– Drumming circle and shamanic journey workshop
– Rebirthing workshop – breathwork
– Construction with COB workshops (clay-pizza-oven, ….)
– Spontanous group singing workshop
– Singing ceremony
– Kakao ceremony
– Soundhealing sessions
– Holy Instant workshop

Please learn slovenian, or translate from slovenian to english, for more understanding 🙂
Short english descriptions on the bottom of this page.

Praktične delavnice

Bobnarska delavnica – študij ritma – izkušnje, razumevanje in vaje delajo mojstra

Kreativa – delavnica trenutnega skupinskega zvočnega izraza – harmonija in kaos

Gibanica – delavnica z gibom in zvokom – biti tu, je moje naravno stanje

Zakladjedelnica – izdelovalnica uporabnih stvari – zakladi iz narave za naravo

Didžiridu delavnica – učenje igranja na didžiridu – starodavni, prvinski, zemeljski

Življenje je igra – delavnica dramske igre (method acting) – tvoj izraz tebe


Shamanika Kreativa – glasba in zvok sedanjega trenutka

Kakav ceremonija s Shamanika Love

Bobnarski krog in šamansko potovanje

Krog skupinskega petja – ceremonija – Shamanika Love

Dihanje Rebirthing Breathwork Prisotnost


Prvinski obred čiščenja s štirimi elementi

HOLY INSTANT (experience of our oneness) by Magu Ika

The goal is being at peace with ourselves, fully aware of everything there is. 
The goal is to be soft to the “pressures” of life,
to widen our capacity to accept life as it is, 
or to realize where we can make the changes, and then make them.
On the inside we find gratitute, happiness, peace and lots of love.

We give ourselves a possibility
to reinterpret, rephrase, reuse, abandon or transform the old energies
and thus create space which can be filled up with peace, compassion, … 

Our holiness is hidden right before our sight.
If we don’t invite it in, it will only momentarily reveal itself.
It respects our free will and reacts to our intentions and prayers.

Holy connection to our brothers and sisters,
to our higher self, to the Great Holy Spirit,
to the star families of all realms,
to all our guides and helpers
is right here, right now.
We can all experience it.

Our workshop consists of:
invitation to our true nature, relaxation,
creating life with breath and drum, 
contemplation, forgiving, healing,
singing, accepting our gifts,
expressing thankfulness,
prayers, being there.

To be able to consciously abide in our rightful place,
we only need to express this thorough our prayers
being able to opeheartedly accept what is.

Duration of workshop: 2+ hours


We use the rhythm to be present Now.
We learn how to be with the beat,
training ourselves to stay focused,
Training our body to do what the mind wants,
being fast, being creative, being there.

Duration: 4 hours (a day)

REBIRTHING by Himalaya Rebirthing

Check out our official site:


We gather the materials, the clay, sand, stones, earth, straw.
We bouild the thing from scratch, using simple tools, no electricity.
After just three months (from three to 6, depends on the drying conditions)
it becomes alive and is being cabable of producing food
of great quality, taste and fragrance.

We build with COB, anything you wanna have. 

More pics coming up.

Duration: 1 day


It’s a therapy, for the body, the mind, the enotional body.
It’s a gateway for the Great Spirit to be able to talk and express with you.
It’s a chance for you to cry, laugh and be who you are, express who you are.
It’s time to play toghether with us with what all you’ve got.

Just to say something is sometimes hard.
We learn how to prepair our body to open to express,
how to listen, how to feel deeper,
how to trust, how to say the word,
make the sound and be here.

We sing songs from the moment of our being,
from the feeling we share in the circle.
No one knows the songs better then us.
No one heard them before.

It’s the sound of our healing,
coming home to our true nature. 

Duration: 2+ hours

SINGING CEREMONY by Shamanika Love 

We sing the songs of freedom and beauty.
To open our hearts for harmony, abundance and love.
To see and feel the life as it is.

Duration: 3 hours

KAKAO CEREMONY by Shamanika Love 

To open our hearts for beauty, harmony, abundance and love.

With intentions to heal the wounds, bring ourselves to peace,
bring our relations to harmony, bring our lives to flourish,
we drink the cacao and bow to Life.

We sing the songs of freedom and beauty.
We thank and pray.

Duration: 6 hours


Shamanic journey by Magu Ika
I connect with source and do what I am to do.
I give you some ancor points for your shamanic journey
and call the Mother and the Father to welcome you HOME.

sound fountain by Shamanika Kreativa
You can be a part of this unique event,
where everyone does what he/she likes or does the best.
It’s a mix of cultures, rases, genders, species, worlds and universes.
It’s alive and it’s comming your way. I bring the sparks for ignition.
It might be one of the craziest things you will ever be a part of.
Shamanika Kreativa is a project cultivated from 2017 on – by Magu Ika.
It’s total surrender to the present moment,
It is a chaothic way to total Peace.

INDIVIDUAL TREATMENTS by Žiga and his loving Company

– Foot reflexology treatment
– Rebirthing
– Soundhealing 
– Bindegewebe – treatment of fascia on the back
– Swedish body massage
– Consultations 

Contact me as you please:

Everyone is acknowledged and welcome to our workshops or to individual counseling.
May illusions dissolve, because Truth abides in Relaxation into the flow of Peace.
May we all experience that from time to time or forever.

Great Holy Spirit, please take this page
to the People who can use it
for their waking up into
our common Truth.

Amen. Aho. Haux Haux

Magu Ika Žiga Hun Caban