is a multi-cultural platform, it's where we all meet, 
where the differences in colour, race and language dissappear, 

it's music and soundhealing, growing through cooperation, 
it's video and art, making of useful things and instruments
its' live workshops, transforamtional experiences and retreats
for the real connection
with the people and with your heart.

Here are some of the projects which coexist, corelate and interwine.
Magu Ika has roles in all these projects. Check them all out. 

MAGU IKA – author’s youtube channel
HIMALAYA REBIRTH author’s breathwork workshops
Dru:id Studio 3 –
author’s latest music production 
SHAMANIKA KREATIVA – music of the present moment
SOLALEY PRODUCTION – music production
JAGE BABE – old slovenian ceremonial songs 
ŽIWI KONTRAST – live music for stardust
SACHSENFELD (former HMELJARJI) – music of the present moment
VIDEOLIFE – video production
SHAMANIKA LOVE – singing ceremony, cacao ceremony, circle of sacred songs
MAGU IKA – all my musical albums online


The roots of SEVER IN KROJ

there were several projects
which need to be  mentioned:

Dru:id Studio 2 – music production (until 2015)
Howie Chestfield – music production (2013)
Howie Chestfield– youtube 
Multifunkcionar – music production (2013)
Multifunkcionar – youtube
Tworba Tribe, – modern tribal music
Videolife – video production
De Light – sound and movement
Dru:id studios 1 – music production (until 2011)
Aperion – band
Jitendra – music production (2007 -2011)
La Vers – cooperation
Žiga Birsa – music (until 2015)