Magu Ika is my Musical exspression.

It has certain Depth and Humour which some will notice almost all the time.
I am playing with the Sound on the Meadows of Possible and of What Is Known to me.

“MAGU” is a title which reffers to Hemp Goddess,
also an innocent Child and a Magian, a Priest of the Sun,
while “IKA” is my name Žiga – Ika. Makes any sense?
So, Ika is a simple Priest of the Sun praying through music for all the World
to realize the Truth, the Peace, the Wisdom Within. That is how it is.

Some things I gained in Life, some things I was born with.
I thank Life for all the Teachings and Live in the Moment

I create music as time capsule documents to reflect on my own life.
It is a witness to my progress from day to day. It keeps me informed.
Music is actually training me to listen, to feel, to communicate, to shut up.

Through process I shifted from words to sounds.
Words have meaning, sounds have only feeling.
You don’t understand with the mind, but you feel it in your heart.
Instead of telling the story mentally, I sound the story.

It’s all handmade, the music. I don’t do much editing. Just what is necessary.
I don’t use artificial sounds, I would rather use instruments I can’t play.
It is as it is, you will hear it. And it’s always getting better,
at least in some ways 🙂

I like the times of Now, where you can order an album, or two, or all of them,
you can get it as a package, delivered at your desktop. We could do that.
Then you listen to it, and what you don’t like, you simply delete out of your life.

If you really like what I am doing, you can order my handmade products,
customized usb music, or you can get in touch with me to work together,
because music is just a little part of the interconnected whole.

With buying something from me, you support me and my work,
my Life’s work, my family, my friends. I thank you deeply for that.
I hope my work is as supportive for you, as your giving is for me.
I thank the Universe that We all have Something to give.

But still you have to get up and DANCE.

You can find my music online on all online music platforms.
Enjoy your listening and feeling. Just type in “MAGU IKA”

So far, Magu Ika has released (and is releasing) several albums:

2022 Kharaira Umahata (comming up – work in progress)
2020 Anwolemtulah to Sever in Kroj
2017 Sever in Kroj Forever Growing
2015 Howie Chestfiled returns Once and for All
2013 Early Visits of Howie Chestfield
2011 Multifunkcionar med Mašinerijo
2010 Jitendra meets De Light under the Holy Tree
2009 Embrace the Embryo Infinite
2008 Long Lost Memories of Ika slowly emerge With Everlasting Presence

Be blessed with being your conscious self – being One with the Universe.