MAGU IKA documentary time signatures

Magu Ika released several studio recorded and produced works:

2023 MAGU IKA – Kharaira Umahata
2020 MAGU IKA – Awolemtulah to Sever in Kroj
2017 MAGU IKA – Sever in Kroj Forever Growing
2015 MAGU IKA – Howie Chestfiled returns Once and for All
2013 MAGU IKA – Early Visits of Howie Chestfield
2011 MAGU IKA – Multifunkcionar med Mašinerijo
2010 MAGU IKA – Jitendra meets De Light under the Holy Tree
2009 MAGU IKA – Embrace the Embryo Infinite
2008 MAGU IKA – Long Lost Memories of Ika slowly emerge With Everlasting Presence

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