Rebirthing is a powerful breathing technique. It originates from ancient kriya Yoga. With conscious connected breathing we can access our suppressed emotions and feelings, subconscious mind and everything we carry within.  Sometimes what we carry is directly connected with our birth trauma as that is our first contact with the outer world. Underneath the trauma there is abundance of love and compassion for ourselves and for our lives.

With our conscious choice we are able to accept and free ourselves from heavy energies from our early stages of development or from our birth – hence the name Rebirthing.  Instead of pain we can now feel understanding, compassion, peace and love. 

After the session people often feel as if they were born again.

Less weight, less baggage, new reality, new life.

Individual Rebirthing sessions

We offer individual Rebirthing for targeting specific traumas or for someone who feels they need more attention or more thorough study of the birth and circumstances. One needs to have as much information as possible about their birth – surrounding conditions before, during and after birth. Individual sessions are advised if a person is shy or would feel more comfortable and easier to express if they were alone. Individual sessions are personalized and specifically designed. Whole session lasts from 2-4 Hours and an additional contact, before the session. 

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Group Rebirthing sessions

In group Rebirthing the participants do not have all of the attention of the Rebirthing supervisor all the time. So they need to be comfortable with being alone with their process, knowing they are not alone. Help will always be provided. That doesn’t mean they cannot go deep and that the session cannot be as powerful as the individual one. Some would say it is the next level.  It is recommended for people who more easily express their feelings to the outer world or have done many individual sessions so far or are already familiar with what they carry.  Participants in the group and their process can also stimulate each other to feel and to express certain feelings, which only occur in the group or in relation to other people or the outside world. Whole session lasts 2-4 hours. 

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