Sever in Kroj is a multimedia, products and solutions trademark.

It is driven by inspiration, people and nature. 

We believe in a healthy lifestyle. Nature is abundant with resources and lots of good stuff. We believe in open hearted unity of the world. We believe that happiness is possible right here and now. And we are working on providing solutions to the challenges that humanity and individuals are facing. Everyone has the right to be happy. Everyone has the right to be free, creative and safe. We strive to empower people to reclaim their birth rights, and step into their power, to live the life we came to live. To break useless contracts with habits, thoughts, actions, people and systems. And to establish new healthy relations. Our goal is to reveal questions that need to be asked and answered. 

Everyone is beautiful and everyone should be able to feel the beauty and live it.

Our goal is to reach universal happiness for all of us in harmony and cooperation with nature.

For us there is only one law: Do no harm to others.

We are specialized in music production, video production, we make useful things, instruments, paintings, food and workshops and various other things. All of them to improve the quality and life.

We offer live concerts, live sound healings, rebirthing sessions, workshops, retreats and counseling.

Great Spirit


Flooded by Sound
in Flaring Movement
Words in Tongues
of All there Is

Great Spirit of Love
Speak, Sing, Dance
Bring Us
Eternal Peace
While we Break
Through the Walls
of Ignorance
and Deception

Let Us All Be Free
Be in Peace
Abide in Gentle
Loving Harmony
With All There Is

is inspired by the Great Spirit
invited into this realm
by your brother
Žiga Hun Caban